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How to look taller

By: Cher Sern Lim,

By cleverly organizing the visual elements of clothes, you can manipulate the way your body is perceived and make yourself look taller. To beat up your height disadvantages when you are on a job interview or a romantic date, follow these tips:

Hair style In order to look taller, a hairstyle should be thin at the sides and higher up top, which can make you appear as much as an inch taller. Do not have any wide hairstyle.


- Avoid clothes with horizontal lines or clothes with a tartan or checked pattern. Avoid cuffs that make your legs appear shorter.

- Vertical lines or stripping make a person appear thinner, and thinness in turn gives impression of more height and makes you look tall.

- Wear shoes that will make you look taller. If you are a female, this should be easy since you can find a lot of shoes with 2 or 3 inches' heels. For males, wear shoes with thick soles to add more height.

- Avoid clothes that are made from heavy and bulky fabric. They add width and hence shorten the image visually.

- Wear cuffless pants to make the legs look longer and hence making you look taller.

-Wear a coat or jacket that is of the correct length. They should end where the buttocks meet the legs.

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