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Get Taller with Hypnosis

Today, my sister give me some ebook and also mp3 about Grow taller with hypnosis. I promise to give it to you for FREE tomorrow.

Alamak, aku busy sangat minggu ni dengan assignment, terpaksa la tanggu dulu blog dalam bahasa melayu. Tapi insyallah boleh settle minggu ni.

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TWELFTH Week -The An excellent exercise

Exercise 45:

a) Legs well apart. Upper body bent over to a ninety degree angle.

Arms extended forwards; hands clasped.

Stretch forwards and not downwards.

Arms in line with the upper body.

b) Swing your arms to the right and stretch.

Return to centre position and stretch forwards.

Swing your arms to the left and stretch.

Clasp your hands tightly while thinking of your goal.

Your legs shouldn’t move.

Remember to keep your biceps pressed against your head.

An excellent exercise.

Exercise 46:

a) Palms flat on the floor and feet resting on a bench or foot stool.

Head well back as shown. Arms straight and taut.

Form an arch with your body.

b) Raise your buttocks (bum) as high as possible.

Your body assumes an “A” frame position. Hold this position for a few seconds. Slowly return to the initial position.

Breathe with regularity. Exhale while raising your buttocks; inhale when lowering.

Exercise 47:

a) Standing Position. Hands on hips. Feet together. Perfect posture.

b) Raise your right leg and keep it very rigid; stretch it forwards as if you were reaching for an imaginary wall.

Then repeat the movement with the left leg.

Warning: Be careful not to fall backwards.

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Height Increase in Matter Of Weeks

I feel so funny after watching this video. By pushing on your hand has not effecting growth hormones. Its 100% FAKE.

click here to watch the video
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Increase Your Height by Engaging in Sport and Games

I try to find the list of sport that can help you to grow, then i found this blog

-This blog also have many tips about height increase too. (Just promoting other blog for FREE..hahaha)

Sports which help in increasing height prospects include the following:
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Running, jogging or sprinting
  • Skipping
  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Brisk walking
For information visit
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Height Increase Tips in Malay Language

I want to lunch new blog about height increase tips in malay language this weekend. Its easy for Malaysian blogger to understand this tips.

Ade komen & soalan pasal blog ni, kebanyakkannya tak faham dengan tips-tips yang aku bagi. So, maybe ahad ni, blog tu bleh siap. So, korang boleh dapatkan tips-tips tu dalam bahasa melayu tak lama lagi........ nantikan kemunculannya.....hahaha (doa-doa la aku tak banyak

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Grow in 3 weeks by Mr. Fitness.

I found this is an AWESOME post and detailed too. So, I want to share it with you. This guy want share with us on how to increase height in 3 weeks....Wow, that is soo fast!!

Check out this Link >>>> CLICK HERE
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