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1. Why Maintain Good Posture

When you have a chance, take a few moments to look at the people walking- more often than not, sadly- along a busy street. You will see too many people with pot bellies and soft stomachs. You will also see people with hunched backs or arched backs strolling along in an uncaring manner…. Not much to look at.

When you walk, try keeping your head straight, chin high, back straight, stomach in, chest out, and aim high. Some people lose a couple of inches by not walking straight. That’s where hunched backs, and round shoulders come in to. By walking with backs straight, you will not only feel better, but will even feel taller.

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  1. Sidd said...

    very gud

  2. kamagra said...

    haha people many times said to me that I play important on the street because I walk straight always, and I told them that it's not like that, it's just for prevent back issues haha
    Good advice thanks.

  3. Aurelia W. Johnson said...

    I am really thunderstruck by the information assumption. It is Attending but if group eff this in the starboard behaviour.
    Gisela Dunagin

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