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ELEVENTH Week -Concentrate on your goal

Exercise 41:

a) Legs apart and taut.
Holding no more than a 2lb. (1kg) weight, lean forward.

Look at the drawing. Notice how the arms are in line with the head. In other words, they form an extension of the upper body. This will make the exercise more effective.

b) With the weight well in hand, form a large circle. Start from the right side. When you reach centre lean backwards and stretch. Then continue your circle.

To avoid getting dizzy, alternate. After rotating counter clockwise, move clockwise.

This exercise should be done perfectly. From day to day, perfect this great movement called “Circumduction”.

Hard work leads to success.

Exercise 42:

a) Back riveted to the floor.
Keeping legs straight, grasp your ankles firmly with your hands.

b) The object here is to rock yourself.
-Try to keep your legs very straight.
-As the days go by, try to improve and increase the rocking motion.
-Work energetically and in rhythm.

Exercise 43:

a) Standing position. Legs well apart. Long bar on the shoulders.
-Perfect posture.

b) Twist to the right then bend at the waist, exhaling fully.
-Hold your position for three (3) full seconds.
-Inhale while returning to centre position.

Repeat the movement to the left, while breathing correctly.

Avoid moving your legs.

Take the time to do your exercises perfectly.

Concentrate on your goal: TO GROW!

Exercise 44:

a) Stretched out on your back. Feet hooked under a support as shown.

Legs bent at the knee. Fingers intertwined at the nape of the neck.

b) Sit up Briskly, exhaling fully through the mouth.

Your shoulders come up to your knees. Raise your elbows. Examine the drawing.

Lower yourself slowly, while inhaling.

Enjoy your exercises! Enjoy your efforts! Enjoy Life!
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  1. Anonymous said...

    lets get week 12 up please

  2. Riddhiman said...

    I was the anonymous bengali 20 year old boy who had posted earlier.I realised that i had measured wrong ,my actual height is close to 5'8 inches. I was overjoyed at this finding, and it gave me a new enthusiasm.Can u please tell me the growth-stopping age for male,and if my height is a good height?And also please post week 12.

  3. Anonymous said...

    nice work buddy ......... upload 12 please....

  4. Anonymous said...

    please update week 12.. These exercises are really work to me... Thanks for posting these helpful exercise ...
    U can grow until 50 year olds... as I read in the book ... however... u have to exercise, eat, and take medicine in the right way ...

  5. Anonymous said...

    hi there,
    pls update more exercise......

  6. Anonymous said...

    plz update all the rest of excersice... .. I'm really appreciate that u give us so useful excersice...waiting for u

  7. leta130 said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. Anonymous said...

    does this really work? have you seen any difference? I need just one inch. do you think I can afford it?

  9. Anonymous said...

    as far as i know u can grow till ur 21

  10. Anonymous said...

    how long would it take if i start it now?
    do you think after one year from now i will grow up at least 5 inches high?

  11. Anonymous said...

    Ok, I've been doing the exercises for 10 weeks and haven't grown an inch. 3/5 of an inch. I do them for 15 - 30 minutes a night. Why are these not working? I am 5'9'' and desperate to be 5'10'' - 6'0''.

  12. maga said...

    my date of birth is 20-3-1990
    i am 164 cms in height(my parents are shoter than me)
    can i grow stil more height by doing yoga
    what diet should i take

  13. Anonymous said...

    hi my d o b is may 1990. i m 5.3 only . i want it to be at least 5.5 inch can i have this

  14. kamagra said...

    It's a nice recommendation, because if you take a look at what people tend to do when they are exercising, you'll realize they are so eager to see immediate results and that's not how it works

  15. Anonymous said...

    Why aren't I getting taller?:(

  16. Muhammad Amir said...

    Keeping legs straight, grasp bli längre skoinlägg your ankles firmly with your hands.

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