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NINTH Week - Do it 2-3 Times per week

Exercise 33:

a) Assume lunging position.
-Right leg bent at the knee; left leg stretched back as shown.
-Feet riveted to the floor. Hold a bar at the shoulders as shown.

b) Grip the bar with all your strength.
-Raise it to the full length of your arms without bowing the head. Raise the bar as high and as far as possible. Stretch for three seconds.

-Breathe Properly. Inhale through the nose while raising the bar. Hold your breath while stretching. Exhale through the mouth while returning the bar to the shoulders.

When you have done a fixed number of exercises with the right leg bent, change the position of your legs and continue with your training, conscientiously.

Exercise 34:

a) Upper body bent at the waist. Legs apart.
-Fingers intertwined at the nape of the neck.

b)Twist to the right. Return to horizontal centre. Then twist to the left.
-As you continue to do this exercise, straighten up gradually and slowly to the vertical position.

Exercise 35:

a)Stretch out completely on your stomach.
-Can your fingers stretch out another centimetre?
-How about your toes? Every millimetre counts.

b)Raise both your arms and your legs simultaneously.
-Stretch out both your arms and your legs for three (3) seconds.
-Slowly lower your arms and legs.
-Breathing: inhale while raising, hold your breath while stretching, exhale while lowering.

Exercise 36:

a)Standing position. Legs rigid and well apart.
-Arms raised above your head.
-Stretch out fully (maximum height).

b)Bend forward at the waist and push extended arms through your legs. Stretch.
-Exhale fully through the mouth as you bend. Hold your breath as you stretch. -Inhale through the nose as you return to standing position.
-Be true to your daily routine. What is important is Patience, Continuity and Perseverance. Don’t give up now!
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