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FOURTEENTH Week- continue

Exercise 53:

a) Standing position. Legs apart and taut. Arms raised over the head.
Concentrate very hard and do your exercises perfectly.

b) Read the directions carefully, and re-read them if need be.
First of all, twist far to the right. Then bend from the waist, exhaling through the mouth.

Return to centre while stretching upwards to standing position. Never ever do your exercises routinely. Do them with intensity and concentration.

Now, twist to the left and bend as you did for the right side.

Exercise 54:

a) Sit on a foot stool and board as shown; legs stretched out.
Stick your feet under a piece of furniture or have someone hold your ankles securely.
Arms crossed.

b) Inhaling through the nose, slowly lean your head back as far as you can. Hold your breathe and stretch counting 1-2-3.

Return to sitting position, exhaling through the mouth.

Think Positively! By working on a regular basis, you improve in strength and agility. As for me, I’d like to congratulate you for your enthusiasm and tenacity.

Exercise 55:

a) Standing position. Stand tall. Right arm outstretched in from of you. Legs together and taut. For safety, stand close to a wall.

b) Try to reach your right hand with your right foot, as shown. Keep your right leg very straight. Raise your hand a bit every day. Work your right leg, then do the same number of exercises with the left leg.

REMINDER: Don’t fall over… it can easily happen.

Exercise 56:

a) Lying on your back. Place feet on a high stool or bench as shown; legs apart. Hold a light weight, a book at the nape of the neck. Elbows close together.

b) Sit up briskly, exhaling fully through the mouth.Push your elbows between your knees. Give a few jerks to increase the stretch.Slowly, return to the floor, but before sitting up again, stretch your spinal column, that tree of life.

Don’t stop repeating your goal. To Grow! A noble yet demanding objective.
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