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Moving to dot com soon

hi, guys.... im moving this blog from blogspot to wordpress soon and getting more serious with our topic on getting taller.

Soon, i want to get some volunteer to update this blog too. I don't have much time to online everyday while studying at my college. If you want to be our volunteer for this blog and help this people to get taller...please let me know...
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FOURTEENTH Week- continue

Exercise 53:

a) Standing position. Legs apart and taut. Arms raised over the head.
Concentrate very hard and do your exercises perfectly.

b) Read the directions carefully, and re-read them if need be.
First of all, twist far to the right. Then bend from the waist, exhaling through the mouth.

Return to centre while stretching upwards to standing position. Never ever do your exercises routinely. Do them with intensity and concentration.

Now, twist to the left and bend as you did for the right side.

Exercise 54:

a) Sit on a foot stool and board as shown; legs stretched out.
Stick your feet under a piece of furniture or have someone hold your ankles securely.
Arms crossed.

b) Inhaling through the nose, slowly lean your head back as far as you can. Hold your breathe and stretch counting 1-2-3.

Return to sitting position, exhaling through the mouth.

Think Positively! By working on a regular basis, you improve in strength and agility. As for me, I’d like to congratulate you for your enthusiasm and tenacity.

Exercise 55:

a) Standing position. Stand tall. Right arm outstretched in from of you. Legs together and taut. For safety, stand close to a wall.

b) Try to reach your right hand with your right foot, as shown. Keep your right leg very straight. Raise your hand a bit every day. Work your right leg, then do the same number of exercises with the left leg.

REMINDER: Don’t fall over… it can easily happen.

Exercise 56:

a) Lying on your back. Place feet on a high stool or bench as shown; legs apart. Hold a light weight, a book at the nape of the neck. Elbows close together.

b) Sit up briskly, exhaling fully through the mouth.Push your elbows between your knees. Give a few jerks to increase the stretch.Slowly, return to the floor, but before sitting up again, stretch your spinal column, that tree of life.

Don’t stop repeating your goal. To Grow! A noble yet demanding objective.
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To Exercise or Not to Exercise Joke

1. It is well documented that for every mile that you jog, you add one minute to your life. This enables you, at age 85, to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing home at $5,000 per month.

2. The only reason I would take up jogging is so that I could hear heavy breathing again.

3. I don't exercise at all. If God meant us to touch our toes, he would have put them further up our body.

4. I have flabby thighs, but fortunately my stomach covers them.

5. The advantage of exercising every day is that you die healthier.
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THIRTEENTH Week- Less information

Sorry, I dont have Exercise 47, 48, 49, 50, 51 Someone gave me less information.


Exercise 52:

a) Stretch out on your back. Legs well apart.

Arms extended over your head; hands together; stretch!

b) In a brisk and energetic motion, come up and touch your right foot with both hands, exhaling through the mouth.

Slowly, return to the floor; stretch your body.

In a brisk motion come up and touch your left foot.

From week to week, your body is becoming more supple, your shape and form is improving. You feel good about yourself.
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Free Grow Taller eBook

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Clever And Stupid Things

How To Grow Taller

Many of you out there may have wished you could add an inch or two to your length, that's just natural. Now we're not saying that short people are worse off than tall people, because that would just get us in trouble, but there's nothing wrong in wanting to add to that below-average height. There are no guaranteed ways to do this, but there are several sensible - and a few idiotic - methods to try and grow taller. Here are the best. And probably the worst...

Step 1:

STUPID - Home-Made Rack

Make a rack using your bed, a few ropes and some form of winch. Then get someone to stretch you like they did in medieval prisons. This is of course a ridiculous idea and could result in some fairly serious problems…

Step 2:

CLEVER - Nutrition

There are 6 important nutrients needed for growth and good health. Maintaining a healthy, well balanced diet that includes the right mix of Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Minerals, Proteins and Water is a great way to naturally increase the body's growth.

Step 3:

STUPID - Act Like A Giraffe

Giraffes are pretty tall, so why not mimic our biological cousins? Put your meals in trees and add height by forcing yourself to reach higher and higher. This is in no way a completely stupid thing to do…

Step 4:

CLEVER - Improve Your Posture

Many people rob themselves of extra inches simply by having poor posture. Make sure you stand straight and erect. Carry your head high with your chin up and don't allow your shoulders to droop forward. Be careful not to develop a rigid, overly stiff posture and instead attempt to maintain it properly in a relaxed and comfortable manner
- you may be surprised by how tall you actually were in the first place!

Step 5:

STUPID - Make Your Own Stilts

Not only is this cheating, but it will also make you look ridiculous and will more often that not leave you on your arse. Those people that wear them in the circus aren't actually that tall, and you should laugh at yourself for even considering it…

Step 6:

CLEVER - Sleep Properly

The bat idea is rubbish, but good sleeping habits can help with growth. Make sure you get proper rest (about 8 hours a night), make sure your mattress is firm and supports the body and most importantly stop using a pillow. A pillow pushes your head forward and arches the back, so without one your body can rest as straight as possible. Sleep on your back with your torso straight and fully extended and this could well help you discover some extra inches...

Step 7:

STUPID - Break Your Legs

There is an ancient practice involving the breaking off leg bones and placing them in traction that it said add length to your legs. Whether or not this is true is redundant, as either way it's gonna really really hurt and end up with you having stupid looking legs...

Step 8:

CLEVER - Stretch And Exercise

Regular stretching and exercise can also help add some all important inches. Stretch your arms and legs as far as they will go, and work on stretching your neck muscles. Any recreational exercise will help as it helps maintain a healthy, fit body, giving it every chance of developing more than a that of a lazy couch potato...
In the end, there are easier ways to improve your self-esteem and you really shouldn't worry about your height, but you can still take note of our clever, serious suggestions to help you grow. And feel free to disregard the silly ones. They shouldn't really be there anyway…good luck getting bigger!
by VideoJug

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Im BACK !!

hi there...... finally, im back...
Sorry if i did not reply your email, i got more than 30 email everyday and sometime with same question. Thank you everyone, i will try to answer all your question soon.

More ebooks and tips coming up !!

Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

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Im very busy to update

hi, guys.......
Sorry because im to busy awhile....(with my study)...
I will updating this website soon. Don't worry about that.

thanks for supporting this blog.... im very happy about that.
Thank for keep sending an email to me, sorry i cant reply it in a short time....huhu
If you have any problem while downloading ebooks or surfing this blog just simply email me at
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Hynopsis ebook and mp3 for free

hypnosis wendyfriesen bodymastery ebook
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Special thanks to my sister for give me this free stuff, you can go to her blog at
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Get Taller with Hypnosis

Today, my sister give me some ebook and also mp3 about Grow taller with hypnosis. I promise to give it to you for FREE tomorrow.

Alamak, aku busy sangat minggu ni dengan assignment, terpaksa la tanggu dulu blog dalam bahasa melayu. Tapi insyallah boleh settle minggu ni.

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TWELFTH Week -The An excellent exercise

Exercise 45:

a) Legs well apart. Upper body bent over to a ninety degree angle.

Arms extended forwards; hands clasped.

Stretch forwards and not downwards.

Arms in line with the upper body.

b) Swing your arms to the right and stretch.

Return to centre position and stretch forwards.

Swing your arms to the left and stretch.

Clasp your hands tightly while thinking of your goal.

Your legs shouldn’t move.

Remember to keep your biceps pressed against your head.

An excellent exercise.

Exercise 46:

a) Palms flat on the floor and feet resting on a bench or foot stool.

Head well back as shown. Arms straight and taut.

Form an arch with your body.

b) Raise your buttocks (bum) as high as possible.

Your body assumes an “A” frame position. Hold this position for a few seconds. Slowly return to the initial position.

Breathe with regularity. Exhale while raising your buttocks; inhale when lowering.

Exercise 47:

a) Standing Position. Hands on hips. Feet together. Perfect posture.

b) Raise your right leg and keep it very rigid; stretch it forwards as if you were reaching for an imaginary wall.

Then repeat the movement with the left leg.

Warning: Be careful not to fall backwards.

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Height Increase in Matter Of Weeks

I feel so funny after watching this video. By pushing on your hand has not effecting growth hormones. Its 100% FAKE.

click here to watch the video
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Increase Your Height by Engaging in Sport and Games

I try to find the list of sport that can help you to grow, then i found this blog

-This blog also have many tips about height increase too. (Just promoting other blog for FREE..hahaha)

Sports which help in increasing height prospects include the following:
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Running, jogging or sprinting
  • Skipping
  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Brisk walking
For information visit
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Height Increase Tips in Malay Language

I want to lunch new blog about height increase tips in malay language this weekend. Its easy for Malaysian blogger to understand this tips.

Ade komen & soalan pasal blog ni, kebanyakkannya tak faham dengan tips-tips yang aku bagi. So, maybe ahad ni, blog tu bleh siap. So, korang boleh dapatkan tips-tips tu dalam bahasa melayu tak lama lagi........ nantikan kemunculannya.....hahaha (doa-doa la aku tak banyak

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Grow in 3 weeks by Mr. Fitness.

I found this is an AWESOME post and detailed too. So, I want to share it with you. This guy want share with us on how to increase height in 3 weeks....Wow, that is soo fast!!

Check out this Link >>>> CLICK HERE
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