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TWELFTH Week -The An excellent exercise

Exercise 45:

a) Legs well apart. Upper body bent over to a ninety degree angle.

Arms extended forwards; hands clasped.

Stretch forwards and not downwards.

Arms in line with the upper body.

b) Swing your arms to the right and stretch.

Return to centre position and stretch forwards.

Swing your arms to the left and stretch.

Clasp your hands tightly while thinking of your goal.

Your legs shouldn’t move.

Remember to keep your biceps pressed against your head.

An excellent exercise.

Exercise 46:

a) Palms flat on the floor and feet resting on a bench or foot stool.

Head well back as shown. Arms straight and taut.

Form an arch with your body.

b) Raise your buttocks (bum) as high as possible.

Your body assumes an “A” frame position. Hold this position for a few seconds. Slowly return to the initial position.

Breathe with regularity. Exhale while raising your buttocks; inhale when lowering.

Exercise 47:

a) Standing Position. Hands on hips. Feet together. Perfect posture.

b) Raise your right leg and keep it very rigid; stretch it forwards as if you were reaching for an imaginary wall.

Then repeat the movement with the left leg.

Warning: Be careful not to fall backwards.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    thanks man dont' think nobody is doing these excercies because i am!

  2. Csenggel said...

    And does it work? Did you gain height? I started the exercises last week:)

  3. Csenggel said...

    And does it work? Did you gain height? I started the exercises last week:)

  4. Anonymous said...

    no hay una version en espaƱol??

  5. assisted conception in greece said...

    Exercises looks great. Have you any case, whose height was increased due to these. You know exercise very tough job.

  6. Anonymous said...

    l am from Russia ,l have tried the exercises,but l did not gain permanent results,and the height increase was slight.L have been using Super-Growth these days and it works pretty good so far.2 month past since l have started using the product and 1 inch increase gained.l'm 26

  7. Anonymous said...

    how come i can only see the first 12 weeks. where r the others?

  8. Anonymous said...

    I am doing exercises of week 1. how much do I do each exercise?

  9. Anonymous said...

    i would suggest at least 10-20 for each exercise for at least half an hour to maximize the chance of gaining hieght

  10. Anonymous said...

    i'm 16 and i'm 170.
    So is it possible for me to grow like until 177 by the end of this exercise?

  11. Anonymous said...

    is this really effective??????????

  12. Anonymous said...

    Is there any special diet you should consider doing?

  13. yashi said...

    can you tell me about leg lenghthening surgery

  14. yashi said...

    can you suggest any growth medicine wch really works and has no side effects

  15. Anonymous said...

    Yes yashi,

    There is an institute in delhi which gives homeopathic medicines and conduct height gain classes ...they are really very effective


  16. d00de said...

    Just about to begin this training regiment. I'm 24 male, so hopefully I still have until 25, right? As of right now I'm 5'8.5" not hoping for anything too crazy. Just 5'10-5'11. Cheers!

  17. Anonymous said...

    some of them i cant do it

  18. Anonymous said...

    do tis really work?i had done 4 several months but i am still at the same height.

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