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Nutrition (Part 1)

Please note:

All this information has been gathered from other materials. So it is completely your responsibility, to be aware that you are following the correct path. If you have any doubts about anything on this webpage, the first thing I can suggest is that you consult a doctor.


After careful consideration, and a lot of research, I concluded that, if the following items were taken regularly, then the daily content of Vitamins, Minerals and Proteins can be achieved. However, this is a guide line only, and must not be trusted 100%. You are all free to your own opinion.


Egg Yolk


Green Vegetables

Yellow Vegetables











Red Meat





6-8 Glasses of Water per day.

The above information is extracted from the journals in this website. And should be used as a reference only. If you use all the above contents somewhere or the other, within your diet, then you should be better off.

Children are often told by their parents: “You have to eat everything on your plate if you want to grow big and strong!”. This sentence has some basis of truth in it. Food does influence your growth.

Your can find hundreds of books that teach the subject of nutrition in depth. But in this chapter, I will limit myself to the main substances necessary for growth: The proteins , vitamins and minerals. It would be wise to note that the last word on nutrition has not yet been written.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    The best resource for increasing height is at I added 3 inches

  2. Anonymous said...

    how to increase height quickly and naturaly.sent answer at I am 13 yrs

  3. Anonymous said...

    my other two siblings are taller and im 5'4 at 18 are there ways so as to reach 5'8

  4. Anonymous said...

    how do you increase your height naturally and quickly? i am 13. email

  5. Anonymous said...

    hye...I`m 17 years old..My height is 164cm(5`5 i think..)..Is there any possible I can make myself grow to 5`11??

  6. Anonymous said...

    hI,I'M 19YEARS OLD.My height is 5.7".i masturbates alot.continuously from 4years and my height is not increasing from still i masturbate.plz tell me what to do to make it 5.10" or 5.11"
    my email id is

  7. Anonymous said...

    fight me

  8. Anonymous said...

    I am 15 years and 11 months old and I am 165 cm high,do you think I can grow taller and how many cm or inches?Please anyone who is here now give me an answer.

  9. Newman said...

    Great info. Protein and calcium are generally the most important nutrition if you want to grow taller even after puberty. I will recommend you another great site with plenty of height growth info,

  10. Anonymous said...

    Don`t worry especially if you are 15. The growth process continues untill 20-21

  11. Anonymous said...

    Linear growth (gaining height) continues until the growth plates are fused, marking the end of puberty. The amount of time you have left to grow depends on how far along you are in puberty. If you had an early puberty, chances are you will stop growing earlier than average. Those with later puberties will tend to grow until a later age. Kids who have not completed puberty and are not growing at a normal rate should see a pediatric endocrinologist, especially one who specializes in growth disorders, to be evaluated for possible growth hormone deficiency (GHD). GHD is treated with a daily injection of growth hormone to replace the missing GH your body isn't making. GHD treatment is often covered by insurance. Adequate GH levels are needed for more than just height -- they're also needed for adequate muscle tone (incl heart) and bone health (to help prevent osteoporosis). Of course, a healthy diet and adequate sleep are also needed for proper growth. I am the parent of a son who has GHD and is being treated and is finally growing normally and catching up in height.

  12. Anonymous said...

    The Magic Foundation is a great resource for information on growth disorders.

  13. Anonymous said...

    hey i have 15 years old and 10 months and i am 165cm how can i grow taller ???

  14. krishna said...

    hai am 22 year old,now am can i grow 5.9

  15. doll said...

    Its really work

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