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1. Why There Is Need For Sleep

  • Sleep is considered to be the cheapest medicine. People who are overworked or who are really sick need sound sleep above all else. Very often, there is nothing better to combat sickness than sleep.
  • Sleep builds up your strength, it recharges the energy level of the central nervous system.
  • Sleep relaxes the bones, the cartilage and the muscular tissues.
  • Fatigue leaves your body during sleep. Toxins (garbage) are eliminated through the pores of the skin. Hence the necessity for a refreshing morning shower.
  • A well rested person can work at full potential and work longer.
  • A rested person feels the joy of life and his own well being.
  • A rested person looks better and brighter.
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  1. Anonymous said...

    what is the significant of sleep

  2. sayed said...


  3. sam said...

    i dont sleep and i see myself as a mentally sound guy who takes drugs and yano... i see sleep as a waste of time as TIME IS MONEY and no im not being funny

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