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Physical Growth is Possible

Cartilage is a firm yet elastic substance. With the appropriate exercises, you can stretch:

- The cartilage between the vertebrae in the spinal column

- The cartilage between the thigh bones and,

- The cartilage between the tibia or shin bones.

In other words you can grow by developing your cartilage which increase the space between the vertebrae.

Without proper exercise the cartilage becomes soft, it flattens and the bones eventually rub against each other. The exercises in this book will strengthen your disks and increase their elasticity. Both men and women of all ages can add precious centimetres to their height.

In a nutshell, the spinal column is like a coil. By stretching it up and down, forwards and backwards and from side to side, you can become taller.
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  1. Anonymous said...

    Yes it is feasible at any stage of life. Visit

  2. Anonymous said...

    i think it is bull shit

  3. Anonymous said...

    Does anyone have any information on growth hormone HGH oral sprays? I understand it gets 60%-80% of the same results as injections. Homeopathic remedies are really safe. Any imput would be appreciated.

  4. Mastan vali said...

    i'm a 22 years old male.
    can i grow height by doing physical exercises.
    if so suggest me... what to do..

  5. mahesh said...

    my age 18 but my height is 5'00 how to grow taller?

  6. Anonymous said...

    I am really jiggered by the assemblage donated. It is Implemental but if fill direct this in the justness way.

  7. Albina N muro said...

    I promised myself at that moment to "Find a cure for my sister's height problem and to discover a secret to help hundreds of thousands of people grow taller. Skoinlägg

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