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10th Week - Maximum Stretch!

Exercise 37:

a) Standing position. Legs well apart.
Arms stretched over the head, hands clasped. Maximum Stretch!

b) Bend at the waist exhaling fully.
-Your arms must stay straight and taut. In fact, your biceps stay constantly pressed against your ears.
-The idea here, is to stretch your arms forwards as opposed to downwards.
-Inhale through the nose as you return to standing position.
-Concentrate and stretch as high as possible while clasping your hands as hard as possible.

Exercise 38:

a) Supported solidly on the palms of your hands and on your toes as shown.
-Legs very taut. Chest and head arched back.
-Arms taut in vertical position.

b) Raise your buttocks as high as possible.
-Hold this “A” position for three (3) seconds.
-Return to initial position, remembering to arch the head and chest backwards.
-As the days go by, this movement should become more and more pronounced.

Exercise 39:

a) Propped on your shoulders as shown.
-Support your hips with your hands.
-Legs taut. Feet pointing up. Stretch.

b) This is the bicycle exercise, where you have to pedal.
-Slowly make high and full circles.
-Before ending the exercise, assume the initial position and stretch yourself for a few seconds.

Exercise 40:

a) Stretched out on your back. Hands behind the neck.
-Feet together. Deep concentration.

b) Keeping your legs taut, raise them to a ninety (90) degree angle, toes pointing up.
-Lower your legs Slowly, to about two (2) inches (about 5cm) from the floor and then stretch and stretch again….
-Breathing: as you raise your legs, exhale fully. As you lower your legs inhale through the nose.
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  1. Lilly-Mai said...

    Please please please please will you update the exercises from 12 weeks because I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to carry on with them. I have already grown 2 inches.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Did you really grow? Oh, you're so lucky. I wanna grow too. I started it a week ago. How old are you?

  3. Anonymous said...

    When i first inquired about height increase there were many sites out there so i decided to go with super-growth product because it didn't contain chemicals. When i first start i was about 1.70cm in height after about 2 months of continued use i have notice that my height is taller and my height is 1.74cm," I have had no side effects and my confidence has been noticeably

  4. Anonymous said...

    how many reps did you do?

  5. Anonymous said...

    do these REALLY work???? i need to grow
    will some one tell me that this acctuly works!

  6. Anonymous said...

    psh why the hell would a CHICK want to get taller? dewd i got a cm from just streatching <3 minutes EVERY day when going to bed
    then again im 16 idk if finished growing lol

  7. Anonymous said...


  8. Anonymous said...

    THIS actually works believe me

  9. Anonymous said...
  is a scam

  10. Anonymous said...

    do these excercises really work

  11. Anonymous said...

    can anyone from any age get taller by just stretching?

  12. Anonymous said...

    Please be honest- how old are you, how tall where you before these stretches, and how tall are you after these stretches? Also include how long it took and if you did these exercises every day.

    Thank You

  13. Anonymous said...

    do these rly work?
    someone who actually did this tell me
    (im asking b/c idk maybe te web site ppl made up these comments LOL)
    kinda paranoid but makes sense i dont wanna waste time

  14. Anonymous said...

    lol nothing works.. xcept stretching

  15. Anonymous said...

    if you stretch JUST the spine, will your legs get any longer too? i wouldn't want my torso getting longer than the length of my legs!

  16. Anonymous said...

    does this really work and for many days you need to this to grow

  17. Anonymous said...

    how many times in a day shud you do these stretches?

  18. Anonymous said...

    wan: does this really works???? please, i'm 14 and i'm only 155 cm(5 foot). i really2 want to get taller

  19. buy cialis said...

    I think the first one is the best position because you can bread well. When I first start I was about 7 years old and it was my first exercise, anyway this is an important blog and I'll been visiting each entry done 23jj

  20. Anonymous said...

    do these work because i dont want to waist my time doing them and they dont work.

  21. Anonymous said...

    does this work?

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  23. increase height said...

    Growing taller even puberty is possible. Just be patient with your training program.

  24. Anonymous said...

    Can i grow aftrer 17

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  26. Anonymous said...

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