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Abs Workout Exercise Part 1

Working out your abs will aid your lower back, as well as your posture, with a six-pack is the only potential side effect.
These exercises will target the abs, as well as the obliques. If a six-pack is your goal, following these exercises, as well as the aerobic exercises, the guidelines in the nutrition section, and the mental excercises section will definitely put them within your reach. This is an extensive abs program, but the stronger your abs are, the stronger your back muscles will be.
The Program
Ab Boot Camp consists of three cycles of a no-rest circuit routine comprised of six consecutive exercises that will hit every part of your waistline. Each complete circuit is followed by a two- to three- minute active rest period. You then repeat the cycle two more times. The whole routine should take about 15 minutes per cycle. If you are not used to high- intensity ab training, you may find that you need to start the program with two cycles the first week before advancing to three. Although most of the exercises can be performed effectively on the floor or on a flat bench, the use of a decline bench will increase the workout load on your abs.
mm86bootcamp03 Abs Workout Exercise Part 1Lower ab crunch- 15 reps
This is a good starter exercise focusing on the lower abdominals
Starting positon:
Lie on the floor, or a flat or decline bench, with your knees bent to a 45 degree angle.
mm86bootcamp04 Abs Workout Exercise Part 1The Excercise
Bring your knees toward your chest in a slow and controlled manner by contracting the lower abdominals. Return slowly to the starting position. Focus on pulling with the lower abs. Limit your range of movement to minimize hip flexor involvement.
mm86bootcamp05 Abs Workout Exercise Part 1Leg Raise/Hip Up- 15 reps
This combination exercise targets the lower abs.
Starting Position
Lie on the floor, or a flat or decline bench, with your legs straight and hanging slightly over the end. Use your hips to lift your legs until your toes are right above your navel. Keep your legs straight as you lift them. At this point your legs should be perpendicular to your body (forming a 45 degree angle).
The Exercise
Raise your hips off the bench three to five inches, keeping your legs perpendicular to your body. The hips should be lifted by pushing up with the lower abs. Your feet should move straight up as you lift.
mm86bootcamp08 Abs Workout Exercise Part 1Side Crunch- 15 reps each side
This is the most effective exercise I know to work the inercostals (the muscles between your ribs) and the oblique muscles (the muscles along the sides of your abdomen).
Starting position
Lie on the floor or a flat or decline bench on your side with your knees bent and your arms holding onto either the end of the bench or something behind you.
The Exercise
Slowly bring your knees toward your chest. Switch to the other side and repeat. Keep the movement short to remove the hip flexors from the motion.

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Vertical Jump can help you to grow tall

Vertical jump is an important skill every successful basketball player needs to master. If you would like to improve your vertical jump, you need absolute dedication and hard work.

One of the best ways to improve your vertical jump is weight training. The stronger your leg muscles are the higher you will be able to jump. Squats, leg presses, leg extensions, and leg curls are some exercises that can improve your leg strength. If you have access to weight equipment, start using it to build your leg muscles immediately. Not only will you be able to vastly improve your vertical jump, but you will become quicker and stronger on defense. Another great help is the good old fashioned jump rope. Spend 10 minutes a day using it and your vertical jump will improve.

If, however, you want to do it without using weights or ropes, try The Jump Manual. The Jump Manual’s multifaceted approach produces the most rapid and maximal vertical jump gains possible. The only way to reap huge gains is by obeying true training principles. Learn exactly how to gain a serious physical edge over your competition.

What exactly is The Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual is an "all in one" vertical jump training software that provides you everything you need in order to achieve your maximum vertical jump and quickness. The Jump Manual is compatible with all computer platforms, Windows, Mac, Linux.

Increase vertical jump how to jump higher logs.

  • Complete workout chart showing you exactly how to get the maximum effectiveness from your workout. Get started quick, and get results every time you train.

vertical jump exercise library exercises to increase vertical jump
  • Complete training video library with videos showing you exactly how to do every exercise and stretch.

  • Exact nutrition plan showing you exactly what you can eat to increase gains, and reduce injury. I will show you exactly what to eat to have your body in muscle building mode.

how to increase vertical and jump higher
  • One-on-one training is the only way to ensure that all your individual personal questions are answered so you can have 100% confidence in your training program. One-on-one training is provided via email.

  • Weight room alternatives
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