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The Best Stretching Exercises to Increase Height

Most people are aware by now the importance of stretching, but not many people know that there are actual stretching exercises to increase height that can be performed. If you have ever wanted to be taller, or perhaps just want to have better posture in general, then stretching exercises to increase height are going to be very useful to you here.

Stretching Exercises to Increase Height

One of the best exercises you can do to help add to your height begins with you lying down on the floor facing the ceiling. The best idea here is to look at a single point on the ceiling and focus on it, while your body is resting comfortably, straight out on the floor.

Now you want to stretch your left foot towards the right and your right foot towards the left, without moving your legs. Remember not to push too hard and to not push past the point of a light tightening sensation in your muscles.

Now you want to stretch the right foot towards the right and the left towards the left. Again remember not to move your legs and to not push too hard because then you risk straining or pulling a muscle.

Another of the most effective stretching exercises to increase height involves you lying down on your stomach, and then you want to put your palms down on the floor near your hips. Bend your legs at the knee and raise your legs upwards, now keeping your thighs on the floor you want to push your hands backwards and try to catch your legs. Do not stretch too much and relax after this, then repeat.

Another easy exercise to help increase height begins with you standing behind a chair. Hold the backrest of the chair and then push your right leg backwards. Keep your spine as straight as you can and then stretch the leg as much as possible without pushing it too far of course. Come back to the resting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. You can then go back to the first leg and repeat several times.

Stretching exercises to increase height, if performed properly and on a regular basis, will be able to add height to your stature and give you better posture overall. You will stand straighter and feel better and these are definitely stretching exercises that you want to include in your existing routine for the rest of your life.
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Best Of The Best 2007

I thought i want to take this opportunity to look back on the year that was. Sure we’re a few days out from New Years - but I thought I want to bring my end of year review forward a little. This post contains some stats for this blog, highlights and a quick look forward at the year ahead.

So relax, sit back and lets take a look back on the year that was on
(i want to get new domain for this blog next year)

Best Exercise
Height Increase Equipment
Limb Lengthening
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ELEVENTH Week -Concentrate on your goal

Exercise 41:

a) Legs apart and taut.
Holding no more than a 2lb. (1kg) weight, lean forward.

Look at the drawing. Notice how the arms are in line with the head. In other words, they form an extension of the upper body. This will make the exercise more effective.

b) With the weight well in hand, form a large circle. Start from the right side. When you reach centre lean backwards and stretch. Then continue your circle.

To avoid getting dizzy, alternate. After rotating counter clockwise, move clockwise.

This exercise should be done perfectly. From day to day, perfect this great movement called “Circumduction”.

Hard work leads to success.

Exercise 42:

a) Back riveted to the floor.
Keeping legs straight, grasp your ankles firmly with your hands.

b) The object here is to rock yourself.
-Try to keep your legs very straight.
-As the days go by, try to improve and increase the rocking motion.
-Work energetically and in rhythm.

Exercise 43:

a) Standing position. Legs well apart. Long bar on the shoulders.
-Perfect posture.

b) Twist to the right then bend at the waist, exhaling fully.
-Hold your position for three (3) full seconds.
-Inhale while returning to centre position.

Repeat the movement to the left, while breathing correctly.

Avoid moving your legs.

Take the time to do your exercises perfectly.

Concentrate on your goal: TO GROW!

Exercise 44:

a) Stretched out on your back. Feet hooked under a support as shown.

Legs bent at the knee. Fingers intertwined at the nape of the neck.

b) Sit up Briskly, exhaling fully through the mouth.

Your shoulders come up to your knees. Raise your elbows. Examine the drawing.

Lower yourself slowly, while inhaling.

Enjoy your exercises! Enjoy your efforts! Enjoy Life!
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Zinc role in teens' growth

How would i know which is a fortified cereals that contain lots of zinc and which isnt? Pls introduce a few fortified cereals to me. i have difficulty with buying cereals since i dont know which is fortified and which isnt. thanks.

which fruits and vegetables contain 1mg of zinc per serving?
Is it true that if teens stretch their bodies everyday, they can grow tall?
are there any pills that can help teens to grow tall? Is Appeton TeenGrow a scam? The promoters of this product claimed that this pill can help teen to grow tall.

Dear Amethyst,

Please find answers to your questions plus some additional reading resources.


Stretching indeed seems to be able to stimulate grown, sometimes even after puberty. Interestingly, mechanical stretching of even a single cell helped to activate the growth of muscle cells in culture (Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 278,H521-H529). Any exercise can facilitate growth and in fact is necessary for secretion of growth hormone and other body's own anabolic hormones. Another strong growth hormone stimulator is sleep: this is why teens are usually advised to have enough quality sleep. Read growth hormone FAQ: Exercise intensity and duration also determines the rate of growth hormone secretion: 3 sets of 8 repetitions of exercise involving 12 muscle groups (using Nautilus equipment) resulted in greater growth hormone concentration in the blood than only 1 set.

As to the stretching, all anecdotal evidence indicates that you need to stretch A LOT for successful growth stimalation. Exercises include monkey bar hanging, basketball jumps, swimming, and the like. However, nobody knows for sure what's A LOT though there are quite a few eBooks and print books over there claiming guaranteed success.


Zinc influences hormonal regulation of body growth but it also affects individual cell multiplying. It's linked to the structure and action of many enzymes involved in many different metabolic processes that more or less directly participates in body growth regulation.

Keep it in your mind that minerals and micro-elements work best when taken in sets, synegristiclaly. So, you'll also need to have enough protein, iron, calcium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Linolenic acid e.g., from fish, eggs walnuts, canola oil, soybean oil, soybeans, and tofu.

_Fruit and Vegetable sources of zinc_

The zinc from fruits and vegetables sources is not absorbed well. A rule of thumb is to eat a variety of zinc-dense foods like whole grains, nuts, peas, and pinto beans.

Appeton Teengrow

Appeton Teengrow contains calcium, vitamin D, copper, manganese, zinc, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C - the vitamins and minerals known to be important in bone development thus supporting the "bone" part of teen's body growth.

Here are examples of cereals with announced zinc content:

- Wild Puffs Organic: most of the flavors contain around 25% recommended dialy values for zinc

- Toasted O's Honey Nut Organic: Zinc 25%

- ShopNatural: Zinc 10%

Zinc content of some fruit and vegetables:

(more can be found at

Avocados, in 100 grams: 0.64 mg
Apricots 0.20 mg
Apples: 0.04 mgCabbage: 0.18 mg
Carrots: 0.17 mg
Kidney beans: 0.60 mg
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I try the best to give information to you. I hope all that information will help you to grow
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy holiday everyone.. i did not celebrate it because i am muslim, but it is quite fun watching people celebrate it with their family.

Hey,, Just take a little break. Don't exercise too much today.

And Happy Holiday too!!!

From, sayed-Malaysia

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Exercises For The Spine To Grow Taller

For me growing from the spine proved to be a bit harder than from the knees or shin bone, it might not be as time consuming but the little time you do it does tire you up.The whole goal of spinal increasing is to put the spine in traction, basically decompressing it so you can increase the fluid capacity in the disks. This will thicken and strengthen the cartilage along the entire spinal column making it longer and stronger. With a stronger spine, your can better resist the compressive forces of gravity.

Apart from giving you the extra inches you desire, it has been proven to increase blood circulation, improve digestion, increase metabolism, reduce tiredness, slow-down aging, smoothen breathing and promote general good health.


Hanging relies on gravity to decompresses the spine lengthen and straighten to obtain height increase. Nothing complicated, just find a bar and hang on it for at least 10 seconds repetitions or as long as you can for 5 minutes a day, you must hang a total of 30 minutes a week at least (the more you do the better). It might be difficult to find a bar at home to hang on to that is high enough, a popular hanging device called Door Gym which only requires a door frame to create your own hanging bar without using any bolt or nails.If you want your back and shoulders to get wider and have that V-Taper, use a wider grip.After a few weeks in you can also accelerate the growth process by using Ankle Weights while you hang, adding extra weight to your body will increase the pressure and pull of the spine.Weightlifting Wrist Wraps are optional but I suggest it if you want to hold on longer and with less pain in your hands.

Body Inversion

Body inversion can be done either with the use of an Inversion Table or Inversion Boots. When your body is inverted upside down, gravity stretches both the spine and knee cartilage at the same time. It is likely that you will be able to be inverted upside down much longer than hanging on a bar with hands which only last as long as until your arms get tired. While inversion table is not cheap and requires operating space, it has shown excellent result for those who use it consistently.Hang for at least 10 minutes a day brake it down like 5 minutes in the mornings and 5 at night to get a total of 1 hour (if more even better) a week.One of the things that really helped me is adding weight to myself while inverted hanging using the inversion boots, I held a 40 pound weight plate in my hands while hanging upside down, it was a bit uncomfortable though and I gradually built the weight up, I suggest the use of a Weight Vest as it wont put strain on your arms.


To lengthen your spine while swimming, you should consider doing the breast stroke. It is the ideal stroke because while your legs are kicking one way, your arms are stretching you the other way. Since this is happening at the same time, this helps lengthen your spine as opposed to other swimming strokes. The second reason swimming is good is because being in pool of water effectively neutralizes the effects of gravity on your spine.If you don’t know how to swim breast stroke you can read this article on To the left is a picture of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps who specializes in breast stroke, check out his spinal column and notice how long and rangy it is.

Raised Sleeping

Raise the bottom part of your bed where your feet are by 2-4 inces in height. This way you use gravity to pull your spine up as opposed to when you are standing and gravity pulls your spine down. With your head below your heart, you will also allow gravity to force better blood flow to your thyroid gland which can help in the production of growth hormone.Start of with a low height maybe 2 inches and add an extra inch every month or so till your reach 5 months, it may seem easy but its hard to get use to sleeping that way.Also one of the most important things is to sleep on your back, it’s proven to work a lot better than sleeping on your belly and don’t forget to remove your pillow as the spine needs to be fully straighten out.

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10th Week - Maximum Stretch!

Exercise 37:

a) Standing position. Legs well apart.
Arms stretched over the head, hands clasped. Maximum Stretch!

b) Bend at the waist exhaling fully.
-Your arms must stay straight and taut. In fact, your biceps stay constantly pressed against your ears.
-The idea here, is to stretch your arms forwards as opposed to downwards.
-Inhale through the nose as you return to standing position.
-Concentrate and stretch as high as possible while clasping your hands as hard as possible.

Exercise 38:

a) Supported solidly on the palms of your hands and on your toes as shown.
-Legs very taut. Chest and head arched back.
-Arms taut in vertical position.

b) Raise your buttocks as high as possible.
-Hold this “A” position for three (3) seconds.
-Return to initial position, remembering to arch the head and chest backwards.
-As the days go by, this movement should become more and more pronounced.

Exercise 39:

a) Propped on your shoulders as shown.
-Support your hips with your hands.
-Legs taut. Feet pointing up. Stretch.

b) This is the bicycle exercise, where you have to pedal.
-Slowly make high and full circles.
-Before ending the exercise, assume the initial position and stretch yourself for a few seconds.

Exercise 40:

a) Stretched out on your back. Hands behind the neck.
-Feet together. Deep concentration.

b) Keeping your legs taut, raise them to a ninety (90) degree angle, toes pointing up.
-Lower your legs Slowly, to about two (2) inches (about 5cm) from the floor and then stretch and stretch again….
-Breathing: as you raise your legs, exhale fully. As you lower your legs inhale through the nose.
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