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Be Taller with exercise (SECOND Week)


Exercise 5:

  • Standing Position. Feet together. Hands on hips.
  • Stretch, stretch upwards.

  • Bend forwards, exhaling deeply through the mouth.
  • Stay in this position for three (3) seconds.
  • Return to original position inhaling through the nose
  • Each day, try to bend down a little further.

Exercise 6:

  • Standing position. Legs well apart.
  • Fingers meshed at the nape of the neck
  • Before bending backwards, stretch upwards as high as you can.

  • Slowly bend backwards inhaling through the nose.
  • Return to original position exhaling through the mouth.
  • Before resuming the descent, don’t forget to stretch upwards for at least three (3) seconds.
  • This stretching principle is essential to the growth process.

Exercise 7:

  • Standing position. Feet well apart.
  • Long bar resting on the shoulders. Chest out, stomach in.
  • Stretch upwards for three (3) seconds.

  • Turn your chest to the right and your hips to the left, for the best results.
  • Notice that your feet stay in place, that your legs don’t move.
  • Return to centre, stretch upwards.
  • Now turn chest to the left and hips to the right.
  • Gradually increase the tension or twist a little more each day.

Exercise 8:

  • Lie down on your back. Leave your arms at your sides.
  • Do this exercise on the floor if you don’t have an exercise ramp.

  • Raise your right leg while you stretch the left leg as far as you can.
  • Your legs should be as taut as possible and your feet should never touch the floor.
  • Repeat for any fixed number of times and use alternate legs.

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Tips From a Doctor - Grow taller & lose weight?

I know that basketball, and pull ups and such help you grow taller.
I started my period about 2 months ago, and my mom said that im supposed to lose weight. I want to lose weight, but im afriad if I lose weight, I wont grow taller. Im 11 years old, and im 5'3. I haven't grown that much in the last 2 months. How can I grow taller while loosing weight? Also, I don't like milk, so what other types of drinks and stuff can help me lose weight to grow taller?


Homeopathic treatment to help gaining height: -

Three drops each in a sip of water just once a week.
Follow it up with these Tissue Salts: -

Four tablets each all together 3 times a day half hour before meals on an empty stomach. After finishing the whole bottles of these salts (30 Days).

If you feel that they are not making a positive difference just raise the potency of these three salts and get them in 30 instead of 6X and keep taking them till they start showing positive results.

The above prescription can help anyone in their teenage to gain proper height, these can help only in the teenage not afterwards.
Take Care and God Bless you !

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100 Exercises to Grow (FIRST Week)

Spread over a six (6) month period

The Six (6) Levels of Growth




Number of Exercises Per Day

For A Duration of One Week

Number of Exercises Per Month



4 wks





4 wks





4 wks





4 wks





4 wks





4 wks




Exercise 1:

  • Standing position. Feet together.
  • Rolled up towel or bar on the shoulders.
  • Stand very straight.

  • Raise the bar as high as Possible, while inhaling through the nose.
  • Stretch for at least three (3) seconds.
  • Return the bar to the shoulders, exhaling through the mouth. (Think EXterior)

Exercise 2:

  • Standing Position Feet apart.
  • Fingers meshed at the nape of the neck.
  • Elbows well back.
  • Stretch upwards.

  • Bend to the right, keeping the elbows well back and keep ing the legs taut.
  • Exhale through the mouth while bending.
  • Return to centre inhaling through the nose; stretch upwards for a few seconds.
  • Repeat the movement but to the left.
  • Gradually bend lower and lower.

Exercise 3:

  • Standing position. Feet together.
  • Hands on hips. Stretch upwards.

  • This exercise must be done slowly. Bend head and chest backwards inhaling deeply thro ugh the nose.
  • Return to original position, exhaling through the mouth.
  • Stretch upwards for at least three (3) seconds before continuing the exercise.

Exercise 4:

  • Lie down on your side. Completely stretch your body.
  • Use an exercise ramp if you have one.

  • Raise your right leg as high as you can, inhaling through the nose.
  • Stretch for as long as it takes you to say, “I am Growing”.
  • Lower your leg exhaling through the mouth. Repeat any fixed number of times.
  • Now do the same with the left leg for the same number of times.

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How to Grow Taller With Yoga (Part 2)

Neck Rolls...

Sit with a straight but relaxed spine. Adjust the head so that you feel like it is sitting on top of the spine by slightly moving the head back and bringing the chin down slightly. Roll the neck slowly in one direction and then in the other. Let the weight of the head move the head around. Do this very methodically so that you go slowing through tight spots and work out areas of tension.

At least one minute in each direction.

To end: After this exercise, sit quietly and be with the sensations in your body and spine.

Benefits: This exercise removes tension in the neck and stimulates the thyroid.


Lie on the floor with the palms on the floor under the shoulders. As you inhale, slowly arch the spine up, leading with the nose, then chin, then pushing off with your hands vertebra by vertebra, until you are arched back as far as possible with no strain in the lower back, concentrating on a. good stretch from the heart center up. Breathe long and deep or do breath of fire.*

2-3 minutes

To end: Inhale, hold, pull the energy up the spine with the root lock. Exhale very slowly and come down one vertebra at a time. Relax. 1-3 minutes.

Benefits: This exercise strengthens the lower back. Removes tension in the back and balances the flow

of sexual energy with navel energy.

Rock and Roll on the Spine...

Bring your knees to your chest, grab them with the arms, and rock back and forth on the spine, massaging it gently from the neck to the base of the spine. Make sure you have a soft surface.

1-2 minutes.

Benefits: This exercise circulates the energy and relaxes the spine.

Cat Cow...

Come on the hands and knees, knees shoulder width apart. Inhale as you flex your spine down and bring your head up. Exhale as you flex your spine up in an arched position with the head down. Keep the arms straight. Continue rhythmically with powerful breathing, gradually increasing the speed as your spine becomes more and more flexible.

1-3 minutes.

To end: Inhale in saggy cow, hold, pull the energy up the spine with the root lock. Exhale and relax on the heels. Sit quietly and let the breath slow down. Feel the energy circulate. Concentrate at the third eye.

Benefits: This exercise is known as the Kundalini chiropractor. Done regularly it loosens up and adjusts the spine.

Alternate Leg Stretches...

Spread the legs wide apart, grasping the toes or any other place on the legs where it is possible to keep the knees straight. Inhale center and exhale down to the left leg, inhale center and exhale down to the right leg. Move from the hips to open the pelvis. Avoid simply bending and arching the upper spine. Keep the spine comfortably straight and get a good stretch in the back. Loosen up the muscles, but do not strain them. Continue with powerful breathing.

1-2 minutes.

To end: Inhale center, hold the breath, apply root lock and then relax. Bring the legs together and bounce them up and down a few times to relax the muscles and massage them.

Benefits: Opens up the pelvis and stretches the leg muscles.

Life Nerve Stretch...

Legs outstretched, bring right foot into left thigh, and slowly bend over the left leg to grab the foot or ankle (or wherever it is comfortable), keeping the leg flat on the ground. Breathe long and deep or do Breath of Fire.

1-2 minutes each side.

To end: Inhale deeply and exhale several times deepening the stretch. Then slowly come up. Bounce the legs and massage them. Switch sides and repeat.

Benefits: This exercise stretches the leg muscles and loosens up the lower back.

Pick Me Up Exercise...

Lie down on your back and simply relax for a moment. Then bend your knees and draw the heels up towards the buttocks, keeping the feet flat on the floor. Grab your ankles and holding on to them, slowly raise the hips up, arching the lower spine and lifting the navel towards the sky. As you lift up, slowly inhale through the nose. Hold the breath as you gently stretch up, lifting as high as is comfortable, then slowly relax down again as you breathe out through the nose.

Slowly repeat this lifting up and down movement a minimum of twelve times, synchronizing the breathing with the movement of the hips, for a maximum of 26 lifts. To go from the minimum number of 12, to the maximum number 26, increase your total. 1-2 lifts per day.

1-2 minutes.

To end: Inhale up, hold the breath for ten seconds, pull in the navel and apply the root lock. Then relax down, stretching the legs out. Totally relax and feel the energizing effect of the exercise.

Exercise Tips: If you can't grab your ankles, let the arms be at your side and lift up using the arms to help push you up. People with any history of lower back pain should check with their doctor before beginning. Try to let your breathing do the work--inhale the hips up and exhale them down. This exercise will automatically get you to breathe deeply. Keep the eyes closed throughout this and other exercises so that you can feel your body move rhythmically, without visual distractions. Rest on your back for two minutes after the exercise and just enjoy its vitalizing effect!

Benefits: This exercise releases abdominal stress! It gives you an immediate boost of energy throughout your body that lasts well into the day. It also stimulates your thyroid. It allows you to breathe deeper and adds to your energy level. It moves the energy from the lower spine to the upper spine.


Deeply relax your back, hands to the side, palms facing up. Simply be with the sensations in your body and enjoy the feelings.

By doing these exercises, you might even gain more than 2 inches! You could add 0.5 cm of spinal fluid to each vertebrae. So How many vertebrae are there? Do some maths now!
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How to Grow Taller With Yoga (Part 1)

Rotate the Pelvis....

Sit in easy pose. Place the hands on the knees. Deeply roll the pelvis around in a grinding motion. Relax into the movement. Make it a moving meditation.

Do 26 rotations or 1-2 minutes in each direction.

Benefits: This exercise opens up the energy in the lower spine, massages the internal organs and aids in digestion.

Spinal Flex....

Sit in easy pose. Grab the ankles. As you inhale powerfully, flex the spine forward, keeping the shoulders relaxed and the head straight. Do not move the head up and down. Exhale and relax the spine back. Continue rhythmically with deep breaths. As you inhale feel the energy go down the spine. As you exhale feel it come back up .

To end: Inhale deep, hold the breath, exhale and relax. Sit quietly and feel the energy circulate in your spine and throughout your body.

Benefits: This exercise stimulates and stretches the lower spine.

Spinal Flex On Heels...

Sit on the heels; place the hands flat on the thighs. Continue spinal flex as below with a easy breath.

1-2 minutes.

Benefits: This exercise works on the mid spine.

Side Twists...

Sit on the heels. Place the hands on the shoulders, fingers in front and thumbs in back. Inhale, twist to the left. Exhale, twist to the right. Twist your head to each side as well. Gradually feel an increased rotation in your spine. Keep elbows parallel to the ground, allowing the arms to swing freely with the body. This exercise can be done standing up,

Continue 1-2 minutes or 26 times.

To end: Inhale center, hold the breath, apply root lock, exhale, relax and feel the energy circulate, especially at the level of the heart.

Benefits: This exercise opens up the heart center and stimulates the upper spine. (Refer to the picture below)

Side Bends...

In Easy Pose, clasp hands behind neck in Venus Lock (fingers interlaced) and bend straight sideways at the waist, aiming the elbow toward the floor beside the hip. Inhale as you bend left, exhale right. Don't arch or contract the back. Bend sideways only. This exercise can be done standing.

1-2 minutes or 26 times.

Benefits: Side bends stimulate the liver and colon and increase spinal flexibility.

Shoulder Shrugs...

Still on the heels or in easy pose, shrug both shoulders up on the inhale and down on the exhale.

1- 2 minutes.

To End: Inhale up, hold, apply root lock, and relax.

Benefits: This exercise loosens up the tension in the shoulders and relaxes upper back

To be continue...

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How can someone increase his height with Grow Taller Exercises?

Through scientific STRETCHING exercises.

That stretching can increase a person’s height was also accidentally discovered and proven in France by Dr. Francois Sambucy, head of the Paris Clinic.

In treating his patients who came to him for relief of spinal pressures and rheumatic ailments, he discovered that traction also increased their height. Some added two inches to their height through it.

When one of his patients discovered that height could be increased by stretching the vertebrae, word traveled fast and soon many flocked to him, not for rheumatic ailments but for an increase in height.

Some of those who came were wives of very tall men, men who wanted to marry tall women; policemen, mailmen — and many others.

"They go through the same stretching treatments given to patients with spinal column problems," he said. "The exercises and stretching did it."

Using the exercises, his patients claimed that their additional height became permanent.

One Col. Atkins, aged 54, of New York testified that he increase his height by 1 1/2 inches by performing specific and recommended exercises.

What is STRETCHING exercises?
How To do That?

Coming up Next......

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The Easy Way To Get Taller Quickly

Believe it or not, you can look a little bit taller (plus 2cm or more).

Use Cushioned Shoe Insoles

Click Here For Detail

How it works: By wearing these cushioned shoe insoles, you’ll immediately look up to 2 centimeters taller.

Its very easy but just for temporary period. That 1 pair is usually about 1 centimeter thick. You’ll be 2 cm taller if you wear 2 pairs. I Bought these insoles for my daily walk. Walking has become less painful. Tremendous product!
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Lazy To Exercise?

Exercise and workout motivation comes from seeing results. Exercise motivation and Height increase comes from setting goals, sticking to them, and watching your height. These exercise motivation tips will give you the motivation you need to get taller.
Make exercise your top priority
Plan each day around your workout. Instead of trying to exercise as little as possible, plan your day to include up to 60 minutes of exercise. After working out, you'll feel alert and energetic. When you exercise regularly, your energy level will soar. A higher energy level will lead to exercise motivation and diet success.

To be taller, think positively about exercise
When you think positively about an activity, it makes that activity infinitely easier to do. Think these thoughts: "I feel better when I exercise. I'm getting closer to my height increase goal every day. I'm taking control of my health."

Develop the mindset of a champion
How do you suppose elite athletes train for competitions? Do you think they only workout once or twice a week? Do you think they skip workouts when they don't feel like exercising? Champions have one goal-winning! Champions don't give up. Think like a champion!

Set goals
Winners at height increase set specific, realistic, and obtainable goals. List your long-term, monthly, and weekly height increase goals. For example: I will increase my height by 2 inches. I will increase 1/2 inches per month. I will exercise 5 days per week. I will exercise 30-60 minutes per day. Obtaining your weekly weight loss goal will motivate you to work toward your monthly and long-term goal.

Get support
Join a health club. Hire a certified personal trainer to teach you the exercise. Choose a personal trainer over working out with a friend. Paid professionals will be there to workout at a designated time. Consistent workouts lead to results, which leads to more exercise motivation.

Take 10
On those days when you absolutely do not want to workout, decide you'll just do 10 minutes. Once you begin your workout, you'll want to do more. Telling yourself you're only going to do 10 minutes will make it easier to start your workout.

Reward yourself along the way
Don't wait until you get to your ideal weight to reward yourself. Do something special every time you lose 5 pounds. Treat yourself to a massage, new clothes, golf, a special night out, or a weekend getaway. Plan a trip to celebrate your future weight loss victory.

Think of exercise as an exciting challenge
The battle rages between your determined self and your lazy self. Never give into your lazy self when it wants to skip workouts. Listen to your determined self and drive to the health club. Affirm hundreds of times daily, "I will win. I will win. I will win." It won't take long before your lazy self realizes it will lose.

Focus on the immediate benefits of exercise
Exercise steadily improves your health and appearance. Exercise relieves stress, improves your strength, energy level, and attitude almost immediately. Taking time to exercise means you'll eliminate the guilt from not doing it. It won't be long before your clothes will fit better and you'll feel lighter on your feet.

Be patient with your height increase goal
If you think you're not increase your height fast enough, think, "I'd rather be taller 1 to 2 inches per month than be shorter forever!" Relentless determination, persistence, and patience will lead to height increase success.
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Can anyone who is 25 or older still can increase his height?

Yes! "Scientifically speaking, the universal notion that at or about the age of 24 the joints have attained their permanent condition of growth is now seen to have been erroneous." Anthropologists of the noted Smithsonian Institute said.

Recent evidence was confirmed by the noted anthropologist, Dr. Ales Hardlickas, indicating that growth can continue until age 40 or shortly thereafter.
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Funny milk Advertisment

Haha.. Its very funny. Lets drink milk!!
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Different Methods To Grow Taller

Today, I got some email from Sharon Supriya. Lets share it:

"As a growing child I was scared that I would be as short as my mom," recollects my uncle who is more than 6 inches. " I used to do pull-ups on the nearby tree and do a lot of stretching exercises at least for an hour to get rid of those satirical looks". To be tall is every growing child's desire. Follow these tips to help your child to grow tall.

Interesting facts

  • The myth that shorter parents always have shorter children is wrong as the recent survey states that 95% of all the tall people in this world have shorter parents.
  • Your height can improve by just disregarding some of the foods you eat.
  • You can gain extra inches regardless of age. Women can grow upto the age of 25 and men upto the age of 27-30 with certain exercises, physical activities and right diet.
Different methods

  • Practice exercises like stretching, yoga, swimming and pull-ups. Stretching exercises can add up to three inches of height permanently.
  • Play basketball for at least one hour in the evening.
  • Most companies that sell different kinds of supplements to increase height make a point to add the statement 'use the power of imagination'. This technique helps if used in right manner. Stand in front of the mirror and imagine yourself as if you are already as tall as you desire. This will build a pattern in your subconscious mind and your body will flow.
  • Shoes or footwear like 'Walk Tall Shoe' also have proven to be helpful. This product stimulates the nerve point of your sole to grow taller.
  • Amino acids help produce growth hormones, some of them, with proper exercises, may be taken to increase your growth. Some of them are also good for boosting immunity, protecting the liver, fighting cancer, and helping rebuild body tissue after surgery or trauma. However follow these prescriptions with the supervision of qualified doctors.
  • Develop good posture. Do not sit or walk with a hunchback.
  • Many due to the risk of infections do not follow limb surgery to enhance height. The surgical procedure requires either internal or external rods placed inside the limbs, which have to be adjusted periodically. This procedure is currently being performed for cosmetic reasons outside of the United States.
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CNN Report: Parents giving their kids Growth Hormones

CNN Report: Parents giving their kids Growth Hormonesto make them taller. They make up some pretty good excuses too
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Physical Growth is Possible

Cartilage is a firm yet elastic substance. With the appropriate exercises, you can stretch:

- The cartilage between the vertebrae in the spinal column

- The cartilage between the thigh bones and,

- The cartilage between the tibia or shin bones.

In other words you can grow by developing your cartilage which increase the space between the vertebrae.

Without proper exercise the cartilage becomes soft, it flattens and the bones eventually rub against each other. The exercises in this book will strengthen your disks and increase their elasticity. Both men and women of all ages can add precious centimetres to their height.

In a nutshell, the spinal column is like a coil. By stretching it up and down, forwards and backwards and from side to side, you can become taller.
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