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A Bit of Biology

The spinal column is the tree of life. It is unquestionably an architectural masterpiece.

  • It is composed of thirty-three short super-imposed bones called VERTEBRAE.
  • There are:
    • 7 cervical vertebrae
    • 12 dorsal or thoracic vertebrae
    • 5 lumbar vertebrae
    • 5 sacrum vertebrae
    • 4 coccyx vertebrae
  • Between each vertebrae we find DISKS which are made of Cartrilage that serve as “shock absorbers”. This padding looks like a doughnut or a perforated wheel.
  • There are holes in each vertebrae that forms the rachidian or SPINAL CANAL where we find the spinal cord.
  • Attached to the spinal cord and protruding between the vertebrae are thirty-one pairs of nerves:
    • 8 pairs of cervical nerves
    • 12 pairs of thoracic nerves
    • 5 pairs of lumbar nerves
    • 5 pairs of sacral nerves
    • 1 pair of coccygeal nerves.
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