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1. Why Breathe Properly

Proper breathing is important:
  • to prevent illness (colds, coughing, bronchitis, tuberclosis, etc.)
  • to feel well;
  • to rid your lungs of impurities and waste (carbon monoxide, lactic acid etc.);
  • to carry oxygen to millions of cells (it has been proven that deep breathing carries ten (10) times more oxygen to your organism than does fragmented or neglected breathing);
  • to combat fatigue;
  • to increase your energy, your vitality;
  • to calm your nerves;
  • to sleep better;
  • to add colour to your complexion, since proper breathing increases blood circulation;
  • to improve speaking in public.

In order to increase your height, it is imperative that your blood be completely oxygenated. Don’t forget – blood gives nourishment to your bones. And regular deep breathing contributes to purify your blood.

All these reasons should encourage you to learn to breathe properly and deeply.

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