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Grow Taller Exercise (SIXTH Week)

Exercise 21:

a) Standing position. Heels together. Arms stretched above the head.

Fingers stretched upwards. Stretch out FULLY (maximum height).

b) Bend Over, exhaling through the mouth. Touch your toes with your fingers.

Return to the standing position, inhaling through the nose, slowly.

Why not try placing your palms to the floor, gradually?

Don’t Forget! Enjoy doing your exercises. Do them willingly, with liveliness and enthusiasm.

Congratulations for your perseverance! Success belongs to those who don’t quit. Go on!

Exercise 22:

a) Standing Position. Feet well apart.

Using a long bar, a broom handle etc.

A bar longer than the shoulder width.

Stand as straight as a statue.

b) Raise the bar over your head.

Stretch, stretch again. Still further. Turn to the right.

Return to centre, Stretch.Turn to the left.

Return to centre and lower the bar to your thighs.

Try to avoid moving your hips.

Every day, try to increase these movements a little.

Don’t be abrupt in your movements.

Work carefully, m

eticulously and gracefully.

Exercise 23:

a) Standing position. Feet together.

Arms placed along the body; palms turned to the back.

Execute perfect posture.

b) Raise your hands forwards and upwards as far back as possible; inhaling through the nose, move your right leg back as shown.

Stretch for three (3) seconds.

Return to initial position, exhaling through the mouth.

Keep your legs and arms straight and taut.

Work the right leg a number of times before changing to the le

ft leg.

Exercise 24:

a) A very good exercise for growing!

Lying on your stomach.

Place arms forwards; palms facing the floor.


b) Raise your right arm and your left leg simultaneously


Stretch and count up to three, holding your breath.

Slowly lower your leg and arm while exhaling.

Alternate: raise the left arm and the right leg, inhaling deeply.

Take note: always keep legs and arms taut.

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  1. Saman said...

    where R u? u will not update

  2. Anonymous said...

    Hello, where's the new and latest update about these? Thanks!

  3. Anonymous said...

    how long do i do these for? im new on this and i just oound this website and i was wondering..does it really work? and so do i do this every week and how many times a day?

  4. Anonymous said...

    where are the future weeks?
    I'm on week 2 right now and these exercises really seem to do some good

  5. Anonymous said...

    You can increase your height by 3 inches in just 3 months. I have added it too without any effort.

  6. Anonymous said...

    hi please update!! these exercises are brill

  7. Anonymous said...

    pls update more exercise.

  8. Anonymous said...


    When we practise this exercises,which part of body will practically grow?

    Can u please enlighten me on this issue?


  9. Anonymous said...

    From what I've read, exercises which aim to improve posture helps you to stand up straighter, adjusting your vertebral column, and thus gives you the illusion of having grown taller.

    Look on the internet, consistent yoga stretches etc can apparently add as much as 2 inches to your height, or possibly more.

    I've heard that you lose the height once you stop the exercises... but this is just second hand info. ^^

  10. Anonymous said...

    does this really work i mean does it really work cause this seems a bit too convincing that u wil grow taller just by stretching

  11. munira said...

    its really works, trust me.

  12. BONNY said...

    can i grow 6 inches in 6 months

  13. Anonymous said...

    do i have to follow these exercises according to weeks

  14. haris said...

    these exersixes are not enough please add more exersices and that works i also know few exersice for growing taller
    jump as high as possible and your hands should be above your head.

  15. Anonymous said...

    I have been doing these exercises for 6 weeks and I only grew 0,5 cm...I was really hoping that these exercises would do much more...

  16. Anonymous said...

    ive started these exercises!

  17. Anonymous said...

    wow very nice i have doing dis exercise i grow 1.6 inch in 6 weeks wow iam very happy now iam 6.4

  18. Anonymous said...

    the main thing thathep groing is eating right food nd sleeping for at leat 8 hour. if you do this two thing and add some will problay grow at leats 2 inches depending on your age.

  19. Anonymous said...

    eeemm!!...when i do these excircises or even jump!! shins pain me!!..but i still grew 2 inches is it ok!!...or bad

  20. Anonymous said...

    does this really help?

  21. Anonymous said...

    would I still grow if I stopped at the 5th week but I'm still going to continue it cause I was very busy for a month????? if i continue it would i still grow?????

  22. Anonymous said...

    i qwant to grow my height plz help in more ways!!!!!

  23. ian said...

    just very simple guys! if you to increase your height! just do the exercise,take good care of yourself,proper sleep,good supplement,proper nutrition and that's it. are you with me guys? trust me!:)

  24. Anonymous said...
  offers the only true solution to growing taller imo, i contact them and visit their clinics... real labs, real clinics, real doctors and real growth products... i used for 3 months and i gained just about 1 inch, which is not bad imo, gl

  25. Javier. said...

    How do you go he the third week on this site cuz the other one didnt have any pictures so it was really hard to get or can anyone email them to me please! please! please!

  26. sharma solicitor said...

    Exercising will help to strengthen your core muscles and improve your posture.

  27. Anonymous said...

    I'm 15 and I'm 5'7. I grew an inch in 1 month. Thats coz I got my own exercises. 30 mins of exercise a day. I drink 2 big glasses of milk and eat fruits and veggies everyday. 15 mins of stretching exercise and 15 mins of weightlifting haha. My classmate was surprised that I was already taller than him. Because last month we were of the same height and now i'm taller by an inch! You can try this too and every week try measuring your height. Good luck!

  28. Anonymous said...

    I'm 15 years old and I'm 5'3. It is very embarrasing. I'm taller than my mom and about the same height as my dad. But some of my relatives are tall and my grandfather from my dad's side is tall. And my mom's parents were short in their years but they were still taller than me. I'm aiming high and I really want to grow up to at least 5'11. Will this work? What if I do these exercises every single day in addition to very good nutrition (I've always undereaten but I'll fix that), proper sleep (again, I've always been sleep deprived), and proper posture (which im not sure if I'm doing correctly or not). Please help me, I really want to grow tall. Height has always been my issue. please answer my questions. Thank you.

  29. Anonymous said...

    These stretches really work, but it is true if you stop the exercises you will lose your gained height. Also good posture when sitting down, don't sit with bad posture as this undoes all the good work. Good protein/fruit diet also.

  30. Anonymous said...

    How many times A day I should practice?
    Please reply me as soon as you can :)
    Cause it's important..

    Destiny <3

  31. Caleb Chong said...

    I launch myself beingness inverted set for jobs in let of guys who had half the change I did, but various inches on me when it came to stage. The ladies pleasing my intelligence and my lancinate sense of quality.

  32. Erik Crofton said...

    Colour Taller 4 Idiots testament service you eliminate the most of your dimension with an drill plan that is warranted to get your results you'll hit to see to consider. The outstanding thing is that the performance includes 16 preparation videos that guides you finished apiece read, so you can be sure you are practicing them decent.

  33. Muhammad Amir said...

    Look on the internet, consistent bli längre yoga stretches etc can apparently add as much as 2 inches to your height, or possibly more.

  34. Albina N muro said...

    The remaining question is what kind of exercise to grow taller. According to the physical trainers and clinicians, there are at least two powerful exercises . bli lång

  35. Anonymous said...

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  36. Anonymous said...

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