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THIRTEENTH Week- Less information

Sorry, I dont have Exercise 47, 48, 49, 50, 51 Someone gave me less information.


Exercise 52:

a) Stretch out on your back. Legs well apart.

Arms extended over your head; hands together; stretch!

b) In a brisk and energetic motion, come up and touch your right foot with both hands, exhaling through the mouth.

Slowly, return to the floor; stretch your body.

In a brisk motion come up and touch your left foot.

From week to week, your body is becoming more supple, your shape and form is improving. You feel good about yourself.
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  1. Anonymous said...

    When do you update all the rest of excercise?

  2. Anonymous said...

    hi there
    thank you soooooooo much very happy to find something increase my height very very vvvvery happy
    im a girl and im 21 years old
    do you think i can grow 2 inch if i do these exercises for 2 hours/6 days a week ???
    please pleeeeeeeease answer me :(
    by the way how many times "at least" can i do each exercise every day ?

  3. Anonymous said...

    dude please update im stuck out with the 13th week and i cant carry on .

  4. Anonymous said...

    i'm 16 and i'm 170.
    So is it possible for me to grow like until 177 by the end of this exercise?

  5. Anonymous said...

    hello,this exercise is very good and me and my friend do it everyday so plz can you update it 15 and 16 week.thanks for doing good job :)

  6. viagra online said...

    That's a pretty effective way to enlarge your limbs, I will appreciate another posta baout these kind of exercises.

  7. Anonymous said...

    so excited

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