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2. Saying “NO!”

- Know how to say ‘NO’ to self destructive drugs.

- Know how to say ‘NO’ to intoxicating alcohol

- Know how to say ‘NO’ to poisonous cigaretters.

Personally, I have never smoked. I became interested in physical culture at the age of twelve, so I read a lot of Ben Weider’s articles, which warned against the use of tobacco. He convinced me never to start smoking . In all honesty, when someone offers me a cigarette, its as if that person were asking me to eat a mouse, or a worm, or a spider…

I believe that factual information about drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes avoid criticism and errors in judgement. Young people especially must be warned and well informed. Donald Pollock, an ex-con, alcoholic and drug addict tells us;

“The biggest crime ever committed against me was that everyone always protected me from the truth”. (From Call Me a Good Theif)

Don’t waste your money or your health on drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Invest your money on nutritious foods or good quality food supplements.

- Say ‘YES’ to healthy living.

- Say ‘YES’ to natural products which provide, health, strength, endurance, energy, and all round well-being.

- Say ‘YES’ to pollen, sea-weed, wheat germs, etc.

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