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Is It Possible To Grow Taller Even After Puberty?

Hi Guys,

One of the main questions people have about growing taller is
whether it's possible to grow taller even after puberty?

Yes, it is possible.

We have many cases of customers in their late 20's and 30's and
even beyond who have reported positive results from our system
and have grown several inches taller.

An average person, no matter what height he or she is, has the
potential to be 2 - 4 inches taller, and often - even more!

There are parts of the body such as the spinal discs that are
never fused after puberty and can be safely stretched and
expanded from the exercises in the "Grow Taller 4 Idiots" system.

The Spinal column in your upper body contributes significantly
to your height because it accounts for 35% of your total height.

Your spinal column consists of 33 separate bone segments known as
vertebrae held together by ligaments (tough and fibrous tissue).

Out of these 33 vertebrae, only the lowest 9 are fused into two
immovable bones. All of the other 24 vertebrae are permanently
movable and can NEVER be fused.

One important component of the spine is the cartilaginous pads
called intervertebral discs.

These discs are located between each of these 33 vertebrae.
They are pads of soft tissue that lie between the vertebrae. Its
main function is to act as shock absorbers and provide separation
between each vertebra.

On average, your total discs account for one-quarter the length
of your vertebral column - 4.5 to 6 inches for most people.
The thicker those discs, the longer your spinal column is and the
taller you become.

Regular stretching and inversion can help increase your height
by expanding the discs and lengthening your spine.

The stretching exercises in the "Grow Taller 4 Idiots" system are
designed to move the spine through its full range of motion so
that blood circulation and fluid content of the discs are

Without regular exercise, the discs may lose its elasticity and
become rigid, and hence will lead to height loss.

Therefore, even if you have passed your puberty, you can still
grow taller permanently by following the website,

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  1. Anonymous said...

    yes it is possible and I have few tips for that will be posting in your website :)

  2. vaasu said...

    Thanks a lot. this is increasing my confident.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Thank you for all the useful tips I am on the super-growth formula and gained 1 inch so far i will follow these tips while using super-growth height enhancer

  4. ronald said...

    i m 14 nd i m just 5'4...i already have some biceps and triceps and my knee bones are also very big???will i grow taller???

  5. Anonymous said...

    Eating nutritional foods will help your body grow to its full potential.
    Lay on your back and arms straight out over head. toes pointed straight up. stretch through your heals and arms. do both arms and legs then each side.
    on your back hugs your knees up to your chest. roll side to side and front and back and whatever feels good for your back.
    there are many great techniques.
    eat right and stretch that is the way to give your body a healthy environment and ability to grow.
    If you wanna take something natural along with the stuff above, try this personally i took it and worked for me about 2 inches.

  6. viagra online said...

    Excellent point of view but I think you should add more tips about the same topic, I mean this is an atypical thing but anyone can understand the importance about all this, so it'd be nice if you can add more about stretching and inversions. 23jj

  7. June said...

    Hi I'm turning 24 and I'm under-weight and mainly short too. I
    recently measured and I am 163cm tall. I do want to increase my height
    since I'm like the shortest among all my friends and very oftenly get
    teased for it. My mom is like 5th tall but my dad is 5 ft 10 inches.
    Even my older brother is around my dads height. And I turned out to be
    the shortest guy in my generation :(. As a kid I've been very active,
    done sports, cycling and even done pull-up exercises. Please can u
    give me some advice on what I can do to increase my height. Thank you.


  8. growth flex v pro system said...

    Dude, this was something very informative I come across recently don’t miss to have a look!

  9. Anonymous said...

    Yeah, I wish this is possible. But, if I do all these will the "new height" be permanent? Or will I go back to my old height?

  10. John Wood said...

    As you said it is possible to grow taller even after your puberty. Lot of peoples are wondering that is there a way to get taller . I am sure this article will help them.

  11. Albina N muro said...

    In contrast to what a lot of people say about not being able to grow taller after puberty, it is still possible to grow seven inches more even after teenage years. hälsporre

  12. Anonymous said...

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  13. Anonymous said...

    Really body buildo is a great product by which one of my friends has got the desired height. With this the nutritional food, regular exercise, physician consultancy is also required. For more info please click on the following link – body buildo

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